Maigrit PLC Ike Madu The Guy Who Never Pays His Debts London, United Kingdom Internet – An Accomplished Director


Mr. Ike Madu, CEO of Maigrit PLC – London U.K, is exactly the opposite of what he is reportedly known as the guy who never pays his debts. Mr. Ike Madu is an accomplished Director, a proficient manager, and a well-versed project coordinator specializing in business and financial services, general commerce and commodities, and eWallet.

Mr. Ike Madu of Maigrit PLC / London U.K. has constructed a unique cooperative arrangement for the purchase and sale of commodities to his company’s larger buyers such as EDF Mann, & Cargills. Mr. Ike Madu has also innovated in-house training for MGL Worldwide, and enhanced the use and involvement of the company’s compliance department, leading its business expansion to Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.

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Maigrit PLC Ike Madu: On Recruiting the Right People

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Having the right people in your team will not only help you build a strong empire in the marketplace. It will also result to a cost-effective business. Hence, it is beneficial to hire the right people. Here are 3 ways to bring the best candidates to your business.

Always Look For Applicant With Impressive Potentials

Most entrepreneurs hire applicants with mediocre work experience so they would feel superior. Don’t get tricked with this. Proficient candidates bring about quality output, saving your time and money for training and loss. Also, hire people with remarkable work experience that fit for the job description. It will be irrelevant to recruit an experienced bank manager for a rank and file job post.

Hire Highly-Motivated, Positive People

Don’t just rely solely on the applicant’s scholarship records. His A+ report card can only go a long way in the university. But it is his positive outlook in life and his ability to handle stress and pressure that sustain him in the corporate world.

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Train Your Instinct

More often than not, entrepreneurs always miss out in listening to their inner voices when hiring a candidate. And more often than not, these inner voices are right. But before putting all your hopes on your intuition, train it first. The best way to put it into practice is through conducting your initial interview by phone, where you can clearly hear the applicant’s sincerity without judging his looks. With how the applicant answers your interview questions, you can create his character in your mind and confirm it when you see him in person.

Once you have found the right people to be a part of your growing team, never assume that your job is already done. The recruitment process doesn’t end once candidate signs the contract. You have to re-recruit them every day, over and over again.

Ike Madu

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