Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: Comfort vs Achievement

Comfort combats achievement. Be uncomfortable.

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Ike Madu: 3 Proven Ways To Maintain Work-Life Balance

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When you are successful in business or when you are at the top of the corporate ladder, life outside your career becomes more challenging. One minute you are called for a board meeting, and the next you are rushing for a conference call with a client. You extend your working hours to review business reports, and when you are home, your mind is on the business expansion plan.

Then, before you know it, you are missing your mom’s birthday or even your own. You’ve forgotten about your daughter’s first piano recital. You and your spouse haven’t celebrated your wedding anniversary together because you totally forgot about it.

I, Ike Madu, have 3 tactics for you to have a work-life-family balance.

Establish Your Why

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Productivity isn’t about working from sunrise to midnight. It is about accomplishing your goal. Knowing your goal will help you find motivation in accomplishing it.

Take A Break

Yeah, you have a deadline to catch. Taking a day off would be a waste of time as it might ruin your schedule. But, a single day away from the hustle and bustle office life is more than enough to reset your mind and body. This will improve your focus.

Delegate Your Tasks

Delegating the task makes the work easier. As you entrust the responsibility to them, your employees will feel empowered that you have confidence in them.

These steps are quite simple but require a consistent effort to achieve them. Practice more often and eventually, you will feel the balance.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC

Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: Never Let Fear Stop You From Doing What You Want

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Your dreams are just on the other side of the fence. But why are you stuck? Why don’t you just get up and climb over the fence and then, voila! You’re now living a life of your dreams. That simple. But not everyone finds it easy. That fence is not easy to climb. And most of the time, you don’t realize that the fence is you. To overcome yourself, follow these steps that I, Ike Madu, have learned throughout my career:

Identify What Scares You

So what are you afraid of? A lot of things, perhaps? It could be a fear of getting off your comfort zone or taking risks, or it could be a fear of losing something or giving up something you are used to. Or maybe you are afraid that the prize you’d get wouldn’t be as valuable as the things that you needed to give up to get them.

Feel The Fear

You must accept that you are afraid to make that big leap to reach for your dreams. Face that reality. Embrace that fear.

Just Do It

While it is scary to make a move and it is always tempting to stay where you are, I, Ike Madu, suggest doing the best way to overcome fear – that is, going through it. If you are afraid of heights, go and get on that elevator that will take you to the building’s top floor. If you fear the sea, then go dive.

Once you start doing what you are afraid of, the fear will slowly subside. You will eventually feel great about yourself as you continue doing it. Frustrations may get in the way but if you’d keep going, a sense of achievement will eventually take place. Once you have overcome that fear, it will bother you less, or never again.

Ike Madu

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