Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: Game Of Thrones 7 Funniest Episode


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The seventh season of HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones was finally aired on July 16. But different from the television series’ past seasons, this season only consists of seven episodes while the rest have ten. And this season’s “Dragonstone” has hilarious scenes such as Edmure’s awful skills in archery.

The editing of “Dragonstone” has also made the scenes lively. Pop star Ed Sheeran’s cheeky appearance singing on the show also added humour to it, making it look more playful.



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These scenes lightened the episode, making it balanced as the plot darkens.

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Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: Love Island Opens Summer


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You know that summer has officially started when ITV 2 airs the dating reality TV series, Love Island. Just like the famous Big Brother, Love Island has weekly elimination through votes by the participants’ fellow flatmates as well as the public. This seven-week challenge will end in mid-July, with winners taking home £ 50,000.

Hosted by the 37-year old Caroline Flack, Love Island will be shot in a Spanish island of Majorca, where the place is as hot as the contestants.

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Maigrit PLC Ike Madu: 6 Tips To Dive Like A Pro

Diving is a sport that takes you to a different world you can only imagine. It can be emotionally enthralling and mentally relaxing. But to achieve the ultimate fulfillment from a diving experience, you will be physically challenged first. Here are some tips that I, Ike Madu, have compiled for beginner divers who aim to become pro.

Safety First

Before going on for a dive, always think safety. Check your diving gears and make sure they aren’t faulty. Stay close to your guide at all times and follow his lead. If a shark is near you, stay calm. But if you are scared to continue, let your guide or your buddies know and end the dive without rushing to the surface.

Practice Swimming

Swimming helps you boost your confidence underwater. When your body gets used, you will learn to maintain control of it underwater.

Do Yoga

In diving, focusing on your breathing is a must. The best way to practice paying attention to your breathing is yoga. Do yoga exercises a few weeks before you dive.


When you dive for the first time, it is normal to get excited. But find time to relax especially when you are already underwater. When you are too excited or when you panic, you will be consuming more oxygen. You might run out of gas before you see the wonders under.

Dress Properly

Wear a full wetsuit if you are going for a shark dive. If possible, wear gloves as well. But make sure that your suit doesn’t contrast as sharks are attracted to contrasting colors.

Practice Often

Like any other sports, you need to dive more often to keep you skills alive. Dive as often as you can and you will become better and better in no time.

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My 5 Favorite Go-To Diving Blogs

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My name, Ike Madu, has been known in the business and finance industry as well as in Maigrit PLC but that’s not all about me. I also do scuba diving and has a PADI instructor qualification at the advanced level. I take inspiration from my fellow divers who unselfishly share their diving experiences online. Five of them have made a great impact on me. Here they go!

With categories that are easy to navigate, I find the Dive Photo Guide blog user-friendly. Their fantastic photos which were taken underwater are in one place. The website also has a heart-pounding video of a shark encounter.

Just like the Dive Photo Guide, the Scuba Diver Life blog is organized and has a collection of videos and pictures taken from the underwater of different places in the world. This website inspires me to be explore more.

At first glance of the Cold Water Diver blog, it may look just like other sites of the same niche, but what makes it different from others is their collection of photos under cold water. Their gallery shows a wide range of enthralling underwater creatures. They also have a bunch of reef photos as well as creatures from tropical and fresh waters.

Another impressive diving blog is Underwater Connection, the only PADI Instructor Development Center with 5-star in Wisconsin. The Underwater Connection has turned thousands of diving enthusiasts into PADI qualified instructors for over 30 years.

Dive In blog has tons of relevant and useful contents, specifically diving tips. They also have health guides and safety precautions when diving. A plus factor on this blog is their guide on how to take awesome photos underwater.

With an advanced level PADI instructor qualification, I, Ike Madu, have learned so much from these diving blogs.

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