Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: The Art Of Motivating People

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Before forming Maigrit PLC, I, Ike Madu have been managing people for my team. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but once I understood the essence of leadership, everything went smoothly.

When you are a leader, you are not only responsible for your own actions. You are also accountable for the whole team’s performance. So as a leader, giving orders aren’t your only task. Keeping your team motivated to do their assignments are also significant. And while you expect your employees to be self-motivated, you are also expected to reinforce their motivation.

Coaches and leaders were asked how they keep their staff motivated and here are what they have to say.

Get To Know Your Team

People love to be recognized. Know your people not only by their names or faces but most importantly, their strengths. Assigning a task to someone where he is good at will keep his performance at a higher level, giving him a sense of pride when he accomplished the task well.

Build A Connection

Make a genuine connection with your team. Let them how their effort is important to the success of a goal. Ask them their ideas, how they can contribute to the team, or simply, “How’s your day?” But don’t just ask for the sake of asking. Listen to what they are saying, and to non-verbal cues. Remember that when you are interested in people, they would feel needed. That feeling would keep them motivated to do better and better.

Reward A Job Well Done

Rather than calling your team member’s attention only when he has done wrong, recognize them for a job well done. A compliment or a pat on the back will definitely go a long way. Recognizing their achievement in public would make them feel appreciated more than you can imagine.

Most of all, be motivated. Be your team’s role model.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC


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