Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: The Art Of Motivating People

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Before forming Maigrit PLC, I, Ike Madu have been managing people for my team. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but once I understood the essence of leadership, everything went smoothly.

When you are a leader, you are not only responsible for your own actions. You are also accountable for the whole team’s performance. So as a leader, giving orders aren’t your only task. Keeping your team motivated to do their assignments are also significant. And while you expect your employees to be self-motivated, you are also expected to reinforce their motivation.

Coaches and leaders were asked how they keep their staff motivated and here are what they have to say.

Get To Know Your Team

People love to be recognized. Know your people not only by their names or faces but most importantly, their strengths. Assigning a task to someone where he is good at will keep his performance at a higher level, giving him a sense of pride when he accomplished the task well.

Build A Connection

Make a genuine connection with your team. Let them how their effort is important to the success of a goal. Ask them their ideas, how they can contribute to the team, or simply, “How’s your day?” But don’t just ask for the sake of asking. Listen to what they are saying, and to non-verbal cues. Remember that when you are interested in people, they would feel needed. That feeling would keep them motivated to do better and better.

Reward A Job Well Done

Rather than calling your team member’s attention only when he has done wrong, recognize them for a job well done. A compliment or a pat on the back will definitely go a long way. Recognizing their achievement in public would make them feel appreciated more than you can imagine.

Most of all, be motivated. Be your team’s role model.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC

Maigrit PLC Ike Madu: 6 Tips To Dive Like A Pro

Diving is a sport that takes you to a different world you can only imagine. It can be emotionally enthralling and mentally relaxing. But to achieve the ultimate fulfillment from a diving experience, you will be physically challenged first. Here are some tips that I, Ike Madu, have compiled for beginner divers who aim to become pro.

Safety First

Before going on for a dive, always think safety. Check your diving gears and make sure they aren’t faulty. Stay close to your guide at all times and follow his lead. If a shark is near you, stay calm. But if you are scared to continue, let your guide or your buddies know and end the dive without rushing to the surface.

Practice Swimming

Swimming helps you boost your confidence underwater. When your body gets used, you will learn to maintain control of it underwater.

Do Yoga

In diving, focusing on your breathing is a must. The best way to practice paying attention to your breathing is yoga. Do yoga exercises a few weeks before you dive.


When you dive for the first time, it is normal to get excited. But find time to relax especially when you are already underwater. When you are too excited or when you panic, you will be consuming more oxygen. You might run out of gas before you see the wonders under.

Dress Properly

Wear a full wetsuit if you are going for a shark dive. If possible, wear gloves as well. But make sure that your suit doesn’t contrast as sharks are attracted to contrasting colors.

Practice Often

Like any other sports, you need to dive more often to keep you skills alive. Dive as often as you can and you will become better and better in no time.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC

Ike Madu Maigrit PLC: On Not Giving Up

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Contrary to what other people think, being into business isn’t easy. It will put your patience to test. Sometimes, it will exhaust you emotionally, mentally, and most of all, financially until you ask yourself “Is this really for me?”

Enough with the drama, and hang in there. Success in business doesn’t happen overnight. And most of the time, it doesn’t happen in one shot. You may experience failure over and over again until you get a hang of it. And if those words of encouragement don’t help, here are a few tips that will.

Keep Your Desire Burning

At some points, you will lose determination especially when everything doesn’t work out according to your plan. And then you start to doubt yourself. But before you decide to quit, go back to basics. Remind yourself of the reason why you are doing business. Whether it’s for financial freedom or you just want to follow your heart, think about it until the spark is back up again.

Step Out From Your Comfort Zone

You must accept that running a business is a trial and error affair. You’ve got to try new things if the other doesn’t work. And mind you, when you try something new, it adds to your excitement, making you feel pumped up.

Get Rid Of Negativity

Negativity consumes you. It takes your passion and enthusiasm away. Discouragement and worry will not only block you from making effective decisions. They also stop you from taking appropriate actions to reach your goals.

Being into business is challenging. But the best part of it is once you have the heart to do business and determination to never give up, the payback is more than you’ll ever imagine. The money is there but more importantly, you would become the best version of yourself. So never ever quit.

Ike Madu

Maigrit PLC